Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste Recipes

Homemade Toothpaste with Baking Soda 

There are a variety of ways to brush your teeth with baking soda. Commercial brands of toothpaste containing baking soda are available to buy.  You can also easily make your own homemade baking soda toothpaste in the comfort of your own at home. These simple toothpaste “recipes” will help whiten your teeth and give you a clean mouth feeling.  Easy to make and great for whitening!

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How to Make Homemade Toothpaste with Baking Soda:

Below are homemade baking soda toothpaste recipes you might want to try at home for teeth whitening or deep cleaning. They are natural, safe, and easy to make, plus inexpensive.

1. Plain Baking Soda Toothpaste

Mix baking soda with water. In a small cup, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water. Mix to form a paste. Dip your toothbrush into the cup, to cover the bristles with the baking soda paste.

  • Alternatively, you can dip a wet toothbrush directly into some baking soda, and the powder will attach itself to the bristles. However, the taste of the baking soda will be very strong if you use this method. Nonetheless, the natural toothpaste is very effective.

Brush your teeth for one to two minutes. Brush your teeth as you normally would, but really concentrate on getting the brush into all the cracks and crevices. Don’t brush your teeth for any longer than two minutes as baking soda is a mild abrasive and may begin to erode the enamel on your teeth.

  • Be aware that the taste of baking soda is not particularly pleasant! (However, you can modify this basic homemade baking soda toothpaste recipe to suit your palate. You may add lemon juice or crushed mint, for instance.)

Rinse. Spit out the baking soda and rinse your mouth well with water or use mouthwash. Give your toothbrush a thorough rinse as well.

2. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Toothpaste

Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a household product that can be used to effectively whiten teeth. Simply mix half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of baking soda into a paste that resembles the consistency of toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this mixture, then let it sit on your teeth for a minute or two. Rinse off with water or mouthwash.

  • Hydrogen peroxide can be found at most drugstores and is usually sold in a brown opaque bottle, to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from reacting with light. Make sure you have a 3% solution, which is safe to use orally.
  • Hydrogen peroxide also makes an effective antibacterial mouthwash.

3. Baking Soda and Regular Toothpaste

Mix baking soda with your regular toothpaste. You can mix a little baking soda with your regular toothpaste to get the whitening benefits of the baking soda, combined with the strengthening and protective properties of fluoride toothpaste. Simply place the regular amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, sprinkle some baking soda on top, then brush as normal.

Repeat every other day. You should repeat the process of brushing your teeth with baking soda every other day for one or two weeks. You will notice a slight difference in the whiteness of your teeth after just a few days, and a substantial difference after a couple of weeks.

Tips and Warnings:

  • After a couple of weeks of brushing with baking soda every second day, you should cut back to doing it just once or twice a week. This is because the abrasive properties of the baking soda may damage the enamel on your teeth if used too frequently.
  • Be aware that brushing your teeth with only baking soda should not replace brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste. This is because regular toothpaste contains fluoride, which is important for strengthening teeth and preventing cavities.
  • Be careful when using baking soda (and, to a lesser extent, hydrogen peroxide). Both products can eat away at your teeth, quite literally.
  • Baking soda can dissolve orthodontic glue. Do not use this method if you have braces or a permanent retainer.

Adapted from How to Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda.