What Happens When You Drink Only Water for a Month: 10 Incredible Benefits

What Happens to People Who Drink Only Water for One Month?

If we just choose water instead of the sodas, high-calorie coffees, and processed fruit juices, well be doing ourselves a great favor. Water is essential to life and is the best and purest drink you can have. Not only is it necessary to consume water, it also has a myriad of health benefits often taken for granted.

Here's What Happens When You Drink Only Water for a Month: 10 Incredible BenefitsNot all water is created equal though so if you decide to try drinking water only for a month, be sure to drink pure clean water. Spring water is the best as it contains naturally occurring minerals, however if you can’t access spring water, there are alternatives.

You can consume tap water but only if it is filtered from impurities. Tap water contains a variety of chemicals that are harmful to the body including fluoride and chlorine. (Our favorite and easiest water filtration system is the Clearly Filtered Pitcher, available on Amazon).

Here Are 10 Things That Happen to You When You Drink ONLY Water for a Month:

10 Health Benefits of Water*

Here's What Happens When You Drink Only Water for a Month: 10 Benefits ~ https://healthpositiveinfo.com/when-you-drink-only-water.html1. Better Brain Functioning

The brain depends on proper hydration to function well. Brain cells need water to do their job.

Research has demonstrated that when you’re even mildly dehydrated, you will have difficulty keeping focused. Likewise, short-term memory suffers as well as long-term memory recall.

2. Relief from Constipation

There may be many different causes of constipation, but for many people, the problem is just that you’re not hydrated enough.

Water is essential to peristalsis – getting things moving within the digestive tract. One way to naturally regularize your bowel movement and avoid constipation (which is not just uncomfortable but also unhealthy) is by increasing water intake.

3. Better Immune System

Drinking water flushes out your kidneys and liver, helping them to function better and do their jobs of removing waste from your body. Likewise, water simply helps renew your body itself, and this alone helps strengthen your immune system.

Some also say that consuming more pure water on a regular basis also helps neutralize your pH levels hence preventing Cancer.

4. Better Joints

Water assists in rebuilding your body’s cartilage, allowing joints to move more smoothly as well as preventing joint damage. When you drink water daily, it improves overall joint function.

5. You Stay Younger

Because water is essential to your overall health and vitality, it goes without saying that drinking plenty of water each day helps to slow down the aging process.

The less stress and strain on the body, the better; and by drinking your water, you keep everything running optimally.

6. Helps Your Skin

Drinking water hydrates the skin, assisting with a wrinkle-free, healthy and more youthful complexion. Water also helps your muscles keep their tone, making your body firmer as well.

Hydrating with water has also been shown to prevent skin blotches and dark circles around your eyes, as well as acne. Drinking plenty of water each day keeps your skin hydrated, plump, soft, and clear!

7. Headaches Disappear

Many people are unknowingly chronically mildly dehydrated, and this triggers  headaches. This can easily be alleviated by simply drinking water.

Many claim that if drinking more water doesn’t cause their headaches to disappear entirely, the intensity and duration of their headaches is at least much less.

8. Healthy Heart

Water helps regulate or lower your blood pressure. Oftentimes, when a person is dehydrated, his/her blood pressure also has the tendency to rise. This is a chronic problem with people who don’t drink enough water every day.

9. Lose Weight Naturally

Flushing the wastes and toxins from your body and digestive tract, water helps clean your entire system, and this in itself assists you in losing unwanted weight.

It is also interesting to note that many times, people mistake thirst for hunger. People go and grab a snack when really what they need is a glass of water. The next time you feel hungry, ask yourself if it is possible that you’re actually thirsty instead. Try drinking a glass of water and see if it dissipates.

Additionally, drinking water can stimulate your metabolism to work faster. Ideally, it’s best to drink a full glass of water in the morning right after you wake up, which instantly kicks start or boosts your metabolism.

Finally, drinking water in place of sugary drinks or alcohol will help you to lose weight by avoiding the extra sugars in your daily diet.

Those are the benefits you will get when you drink only water for an entire month. Are you ready to try it?