10 Tips for Keeping the Love Alive in Your Relationship

How to Maintain Love in a Relationship

Love is exciting, and when a relationship is new, almost everything you do together is fresh and alive and keeps you enthralled. But then time begins to pass, and while the love is still there, the relationship may have lost some of its sparkle, whether it’s because life is stressful, you now are married and have children, or time has simply passed. Keeping the love alive slowly becomes an issue.

10 Tips for Keeping the Love Alive in Your Relationship - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/tips-for-keeping-the-love-alive.html

Here are some top 10 tips on how to keep the love alive in your relationship.

How to Keep the Love Alive in a Relationship

*Tips for Maintaining Love in a Relationship

10 Tips for Keeping the Love Alive in Your Relationship - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/tips-for-keeping-the-love-alive.html1. Do something unexpected.

Send your partner flowers at work, or leave your partner a little note here and there to let them know they matter to you. Plan a special night out or a weekend getaway.

These help keep things exciting.

2. What lit your fire to start with?

Strike the match again by duplicating that initial moment you fell in love with your partner, and be sure to tell them why you’ve created this just for them.

Relive the wonderful moments.

3. Communicate well.

Communicating lovingly is a great way to spark your relationship. It’s not enough to just love someone. They like to actually hear it. Likewise, when problems come up, talk about them without accusing. Tackle it by taking the viewpoint of problem-solving rather than attacking.

Use kind, loving words all the time.

4. Make time just for you/ keep up with regular self-care.

And don’t break this date! Book babysitters ahead or clear your work calendar so you can take time just for you to rejuvenate and replenish. It might mean getting a pedicure or massage. It might mean simply sitting and meditating or reading your favorite book.  It might mean taking a walk or a hike in nature. Getting adequate sleep and nutrition is also key!

A happy, healthy you translates to better relationships.

5. Get out of the rut! – literally.

Do something new together. Doing new things together is proven to enhance relationships. Forget routine and try something new once in a while.

It will help you grow.

6. Find something you like about your partner, every day.

Then tell them what it is. Appreciation/ acknowledgment is one key to a lasting relationship.

Make sure you say more positive things than negative things to your partner.


Recommended Book: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

7. Find a shared interest.

Explore new hobbies, sports, or other interests that you both like and can participate in together. It doesn’t have to be anything major. This tip is about finding the connection, even if it’s just reading the same books or watching the same movies.

Form those bonds.

8. Accept your partner’s faults.

Work on forgiveness and acceptance. Nobody is perfect. Then admit your own. Make an effort not to keep repeating them out of laziness or habit.

Be humble and do not take each other for granted.

9. Get physical.

Touch your partner. In compassion, sympathy, friendship, and sexual attraction. Let them know that you are there. The act of touching increases oxytocin and also helps create a stronger bond.

Be in the moment.

10. Make promises, and keep them.

When you say you’re going to do something, do it. Better yet, show your love through actions and affections, other than through words.

Keep the love alive and appreciate more the person you have in your life.