8 Essential Tips for Increasing Your Energy

How to Increase Your Energy

Many of us seem to live hectic, busy, over-scheduled lives. The good news is that if you’re healthy and you want to feel better, you can increase your energy by making a few simple changes and by adding some healthful choices.

Revitalize yourself through making these simple additions and changes to your life.

8 Essential Tips for Increasing Your Energy - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/tips-for-increasing-energy.html

How to Increase Energy Levels Naturally

*8 Ways to Increase Energy:

8 Essential Tips for Increasing Your Energy - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/tips-for-increasing-energy.html1.  Exercise a little bit each day.

Even though the mention of exercise may make you think your schedule will be more cramped and you’ll probably sap your energy doing it, facts are facts: Exercise kicks your energy up a notch.

    • It can be a brisk 15-30-minute walk or bike ride.
    • Climb the stairs in your office building or even up and down the stairs several times in your home.
    • Jumping jacks and plyometric activities in your home can be great options too.
    • See also Spark by John Ratey for some tips.

2.  Eat your vegetables.

Bump up your number of vegetable servings a day to 5 to 7. After the third or fourth day, you’ll feel the difference.

The reason why this tip helps is because eating more vegetables will give you more nutrition in the form of vitamins from food. Vitamins are essential for energy and proper functioning of all body systems.

3.  Find your own ways to rejuvenate.

Does snuggling up with a book for 30 minutes make your busy world fade and jump-start your energy so you can get through the day?

  • Maybe doing some calisthenics for 15 minutes in your office with the door closed will work for you.
  • Try some simple stretches for creaky muscles to help you relax and re-energize.
  • Whatever you discover that brings you some quick energy, do it.

4.  Rest your mind.

What if you were to stare at your flower garden for 20 minutes or watch your 3-year-old dig in the sandbox? Your mind can relax.

  • Let whatever thoughts vex you float off into the wild blue yonder and simply reset your mind.
  • When you do, your psyche will be cleared out enough to re-load your schedule and tasks later on.

5.  Deep breathing has so many magical qualities.

Everything that’s going on in your body requires oxygen and your breathing process brings and boosts it in.

  • When you take several moments to just breathe, you’re subjectively stopping your world to imbibe in the sanctity of breathing.
  • Try breathing in through your nose to the count of 4, holding it a couple of seconds, then exhaling through your mouth. Repeat 4 times.
  • Perform this breathing exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You’ll unlock new energy and feel better.

6.  Pick up the free weights.

Did you know weight-bearing exercises for the upper body can boost your energy reserves? Whether you use one-pound, two-pound, or five-pound weights, perform some upper arm exercises for about 15 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.

  • As your muscles build, your energy will strengthen too.

7.  Mind your stress.

Stress can be one of the biggest energy drains you’ll experience. So, it’s wise to do everything you can to successfully manage your stress. Many of the points listed above help with stress.

  • Keep your schedule under control by allowing free time between appointments and time to catch up in order to control the level of stress in your life.
  • Talk with your friends when you feel stressed. Refrain from using substances like nicotine and alcohol, as they are some of the biggest energy zappers of all.

8.  Perform self-care, physically and emotionally.

How you treat yourself is intimately related to how you store energy. Positive thoughts keep you feeling safe, comfortable, and healthy. Your emotional and physical worlds share a strong connection.

You have the power to perform vital behaviors to pump up your energy. Boost your revitalizing powers by putting these energy boosting steps into practice.

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Remember that if you have low energy levels or feel fatigued frequently, it is important to have a full physical evaluation to rule out any serious underlying causes of your fatigue or stress.

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