10 Best Spices for Health

Spices and Herbs for Health

Spices for health? Are spices good for health? YES! You can keep your heart strong and get lean and healthy with spices! Here are a few spices to add to your diet to get and stay healthy. Use spices in and on everything: salads, chicken, fish, veggies, dips, omelets…and more!

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Below Are 10 of the Best Spices for Good Health:

Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Cinnamon may be particularly healthy for people who carry lots of extra weight. Cinnamon reportedly helps minimize some of the negative health impacts that “obesity” has on the body. People who are obese (with body mass index of 30% fat or higher) tend to have higher levels of inflammation in their bodies, and their bodies tend to experience more oxidative stress than the slimmer person.

  • A recent study showed that certain cinnamon compounds including a cinnamon extract called cinnulin seem to help obese people in the fight against all three: (1) fat, (2) inflammation, and (3) oxidative stress.
  • In the study, obese people with prediabetes took cinnulin twice a day. At the end of the 12-week study, participants’ bodies indicate that cinnamon was effective in decreasing all three.

Cloves, Allspice, and Cinnamon for Diabetes

These spices may inhibit or work against the damage caused by elevated sugar and the formation of bad high-blood-sugar compounds. Very beneficial for people with Diabetes.

Sage, Marjoram, Tarragon, and Rosemary for the Heart and Kidneys

These spices seem to have a positive effect on fighting diabetes-linked problems of the blood, heart, nerve, eye, and kidneys. Spices for kidney and heart health never been so delicious.

Ginger for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

When people with stiff, sore, osteoarthritic knees took a ginger extract for 6 weeks, they felt significantly better than their placebo-dosed pals who got fake ginger. Used in Eastern medicine to treat musculoskeletal problems, ginger contains a complex mix of compounds that researchers suspect helps thwart inflammation in several ways.  Ginger can also be calming to the stomach, helping with nausea. 

Turmeric vs Stroke and Cancer

Turmeric is the principal component is curcumin — which has been shown to help prevent arterial plaques from gaining a foothold in blood vessels.

  • Turmeric seems to help against artery-clogging in three ways: (1) It lowers blood cholesterol, and (2) it regulates blood-platelet production — for thinner, less clot-prone blood — and may (3) curb inflammation-induced damage to the lining of your arteries. Atherosclerosis disease ups the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Curb the development of those diseases with turmeric of: (1) Alzheimer’s disease, (2) certain types of cancer, and (3) arthritis — just to name a few more benefits according to research.

Garlic for Overall Good Health

Garlic has a variety of health benefits.  Read “Health Benefits of Garlic” for more details.


Info, Tips and Warnings:

  • On top of avoiding microwaving of spices: Do not scorch, blacken, or crispen (overheat) them. Lightly baking, simmering, broiling and pan broiling is fine. Lightly cooking spices such as garlic and onion or peppers in oil is great. Do not over-fry your spices.
  • Spices are not right for everyone. Bland foods may be necessary for stomach and intestinal illnesses because of the need to soothe and calm.

(Adapted from How to Eat Spices to Lose Weight, Inflammation and Oxidative Damages, but Gain Muscle.)

Are you ready to try these herbs and spices for health?