Quick Makeup Tips for Women of Color

Women of Color Makeup Tips

True beauty comes from within as well as outward appearance. The appreciation and respect of ethnic beauty has been on the rise for the last decade. The standard of beauty used to be stick thin, blonde, pale-skinned women, however now the pages of fashion magazines feature the exotic looks of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian, to name a few.

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In the 1950’s, women wanted smaller eyes, thinner lips, smaller bottoms, upturned noses, and paler makeup. Today, women seek larger more expressive eyes, darker skin, fuller lips, broader noses, and a nice booty.

Thicker eyebrows and darker hair, inspired by women of color, are replacing the pencil thin eyebrows and platinum blond standards of the past. Latina, African American, Asian, and Indian women are rapidly changing the way the world perceives beauty.

Women of Color Beauty Tips

Women of color have a confidence and cultural background that should be cherished. Eating right, having a positive attitude, high self-esteem, and using the correct products are key to looking and feeling your best.

We do celebrate ethnic beauty. Cookie-cutter beauty products are a thing of the past. Maintaining ethnic beauty comes with its own set of challenges ranging from oily skin to coarse hair to uneven skin tone. We realize that the beauty routines that work for Caucasian women do not always work for ethnic women. Skin and hair care routines that have been tailored to women of color are vital for looking and feeling your best every day.

Makeup Tips for Colored Women

  • Use a darker eye makeup in the crease of the eye for added depth
  • Use oil-free makeup to combat oily skin
  • Set makeup with a powder for longer lasting look
  • Use a lash curler and liner to draw attention to expressive dark eyes
  • Use (glossy) nude/ natural colored lipstick for balance

Today, women of color strive to accent their ethnic beauty instead of choosing to disguise it. A unique exotic look is the envy of every woman. Revel in your ethnicity and delight in your difference!