What is Anaphylaxis? How Do You Avoid It?

What is an Anaphylaxis

What is anaphylaxis? – a commonly asked question on the subject of food allergies. Anaphylaxis occurs when certain allergens whether they are foods, bee venom, or other such substances cause the body to produce huge amounts of histamine.

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What is Anaphylaxis and Why Does it Occur

Anaphylaxis is an extreme overactive response of the immune system to deal with an invading substance. This happens because the body recognizes the substance as an invader.

What is Anaphylaxis Symptoms 

The histamine causes hives and difficulty in breathing due to inflammation which may progress to the point of airway blockage causing respiratory and cardiac arrest.

What is Anaphylaxis and How Should It Be Managed 

To prevent anaphylaxis from getting triggered, you should be aware of its causes in you. Know which foods or substances you are allergic of. Avoid them at all costs.

Remember that this condition can be life-threatening, and severe reactions are treated initially with epinephrine.

What is the Treatment for Anaphylaxis 

This health issue cannot be treated but prevented and managed. Those with severe allergies usually carry an EpiPen which is an injectable dose of epinephrine.