8 Tips for Better Communication

Better Communication Tips to Improve Relationships

We can not ever fully understand another person, but by using our best communication skills, we can get along with almost anybody. There are great tips for better communication skills you can use to improve your relationships. Here are…

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8 Awesome Tips on How to Improve Communication Skills:

1. Know Thyself.

All people have the same basic needs and to understand others as best we can, the first thing to do is to understand yourself. When you are honest with yourself about your flaws or imperfections, and likewise appreciative of all the things you do well, it becomes easy to do the same for others.

2. Keep Issues In Perspective.

A great way to avoid getting into a heated conversation is to ask yourself this question: “Will this matter a year from now?” If the answer is “No,” then don’t make an issue out of it now. Perhaps you can let go and let the other person be.

3. Treat Others With Respect Always.

This transforms you as the other person in the conversation into not just another person, but someone that is trustworthy. That is a key to better communications skills.

4. Hurt People Hurt People.

Remember that people who create conflict are usually people who are insecure. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t act the way they do. Keeping this in mind can help you to maintain perspective and be more understanding and less judging. Understand more, judge less.

5. Responding Instead of Reacting.

Things are not always as personal as we might initially think. Nor are things always as important a day or two later as they seem at the moment. The perfect example is when someone you do not know cuts you off while you are driving. Aside from it possibly being dangerous, getting upset over this proves nothing. Why allow someone else’s actions dictate you emotional response? Avoid reacting negatively for your own benefit.

6. Let Others Have an Opinion.

Give your opinion when it matters, but let others have their own opinions as well. You may think your opinion is right and maybe it is (maybe it isn’t), but there is a big difference between being right and being righteous. (Righteous deteriorates communication and relationships.)

7. Check Yourself.

If you are tired, hungry or preoccupied, you are not in a position to be in an interaction at your best. An important part of maintaining good relationships is taking good care of yourself and your own needs. Many conflicts arise simply because one party to the conversation is sleep deprived or has low blood sugar.

8. Talk Less. Listen More.

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Being a good listener, means being fully attentive to what the other person is saying. Listening attentively provides YOU, the listener, with more respect and trust.

Keep in mind these better communication tips and apply them daily to constantly improve your relationships.