Low Self Esteem? Symptoms, Test, and Cure

Chronic Low Self-Esteem

Do you have extremely low self esteem? There’s a definite need for increased self-esteem when a person continually worries about how they look, move, and speak.

Low Self Esteem - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/low-self-esteem.htmlOne of the problems, however, is that oftentimes most people are not even aware of the extent of the self-criticism that goes on inside.


Low Self-Esteem Test Questions:

Ask yourself these question to know whether you have very low self-esteem.

Low Self Esteem Symptoms:

Low Self Esteem? Symptoms, Test, and Cure - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/low-self-esteem.html

  • When you look at yourself, do your eyes tend to gravitate toward something on or about yourself you feel is a flaw?
  • When you laugh, do you cover your mouth with your hand because your teeth aren’t as straight or white as you wish they were?
  • Perhaps when shopping you notice a perfectly, albeit unrealistically, shaped mannequin with a tiny waist and small hips, and you think about your own weight?
  • When you are talking with people, do you feel like they are smarter or “better?”

Overcoming low self-esteem

A definite truth that is often overlooked is the fact that nothing will improve your overall appearance like feeling good about yourself. There is simply nothing more beautiful than someone who radiates confidence, understanding, and compassion for themselves and the world.

What is low self esteem

While everyone has a general idea of what self-esteem is, it is more complex than liking your appearance in a particular outfit, finding a hairstyle that is flattering, or feeling like your outward appearance is nice according to others.

Self-esteem is about loving yourself unconditionally, understanding and embracing your own self-worth, and listening and always following your heart while still being compassionate to the world.

Low self esteem examples

Many – actually most – people compare themselves in unrealistic ways to others, feeling insecure, less than attractive or less than important. Having healthy self-esteem allows a person to realize that they are not in a contest with others. They go about their days without the worry of what others think and they do not beat themselves up about areas they feel they are less than optimal.

Low self esteem cure/ solution

It is healthy to be honest with yourself about improvements you want to make and/or goals you set in your life for personal achievement, but it is incredibly important to realize that your value as a human being is not determined by our accomplishments but how we go about reaching our goals and what our goals mean. To be more specific, it’s about whether we are contributing to our own well-being, the well-being of our community, and doing it with a love for ourselves that makes the various journeying, joyful.

Realize that you are valuable just as you are. When you shine from the inside out, people take notice of your confidence, and nothing is more attractive than someone who is secure with who they are. With confidence, your vibrant personality shows through, unhindered by the previous hang-ups that kept it hidden. Many believe there is a link between looking good and feeling good and that is likely true, but the real link is between feeling good and looking good. Feeling good is where it starts.

How to overcome low self esteem for good

Self-esteem is reflected in everything you do, from the way you walk, to the way you speak, to the way you care for yourself, to the way you interact with others. With healthy self-esteem, you choose to look the way YOU look, take great care of yourself and accept and even love what you cannot change about yourself.

A wonderful thing about self-esteem is while accepting yourself as a beautiful individual, there is inner encouragement to make positive improvements not because you want to feel adequate for others, but rather for yourself because you know you are worth it!