How to Tone Your Butt with Walking

How to Tone Your Butt with Walking ~ sitting at work for much of the day, do you wonder how you could tone your posterior without major workouts at the gym? Do you see that your butt is losing its shape? You know you should exercise, yet you may not have the time and/or budget to join a gym. Here are some ways to tone your butt simply by walking.

Plan your walk. Look around your neighborhood and see if you want to walk there or in an area park. You should choose a place to walk that is close enough to home, so you will not dread the travel distance, and a place that is accessible all year around. Be familiar with your surroundings in which you will be walking.

Wear proper walking clothing to suit the season. You should be comfortable and weather protected. Wear proper walking shoes with good support.

Understand that to see results, you should be motivated to keep on your walking program throughout the year. Toning the body requires continuity, since the tone is soon lost once you stop walking.

Use a Pedometer.  Using a pedometer to monitor your steps can be extremely motivating.  A great pedometer that we love is the Fitbit.

Pick a time for your walks. Try to find a time slot in your day where you could do ten to upwards of forty-five minutes of continuous walking.

Plan on walking at least twice a week, going up to five times per week, depending upon several factors including: your present fitness level, toning goals, and time constraints.

Try it. Once you are ready, change into your walking outfit and take off. If you haven’t walked very far for some time, head out for five minutes and then turn around and come back to your starting point. See how you feel after those ten minutes. Next time, make the same walk or go farther, depending on how you feel after the first walk. Try to work up to forty-five minutes per walk if time allows.

Get into a routine. Walk Tuesdays and Thursdays or Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or whatever suits your situation.  Whatever you do though, make it a routine.

Walk fast enough to tone your glute muscles, but do not overdo at the beginning. At first, set a comfortable pace and then speed up slightly each time, until you can feel it working. During your walks, squeeze and tense your butt cheeks together frequently for a count of ten or for ten steps.

Vary your walk path. As you get more walks behind you, try to find small grades to climb up or a set or two of steps, as these will work your butt harder than walking on flat ground.

Walk indoors at an indoor gym track or shopping mall, if you feel more comfortable there, especially with a change of weather.

Check yourself out privately in the mirror, with and without clothes, to see if your walking program is working, after a few weeks. Do not be concerned with weight at this time, as toned muscle weighs more than fat. However, if you are also trying to lose weight, this walking program is beneficial, especially when combined with a nutrition program.

Keep at it. If your walking is working, stick with it, if you are not seeing as much benefit as you had hoped for, up the intensity with: increased speed, distance walked, steeper hills, ankle weights, or all of the above. Walking really is a great way to tone the butt.


  • Know that toning your butt will not happen overnight. With consistent exercise, you will see results.
  • If you want to create a toned butt eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink a lot of water. These are anti-cellulite too.
  • The best place to walk is the beach. The sandy, uneven terrain will tone your butt and legs. You can feel it working after only a few steps.
  • Check with your doctor if you have any concerns before starting a walking program, whether due to age and/or health.

Adapted from How to Tone the Butt With Walking.