12 Cancer Causing Foods to Immediately Stop Eating

Foods That Cause Cancer

Cancer is on the rise, but it is said that much of the cancer that people face today can be avoided. Our food supply is becoming more and more toxic and eliminating these toxins from your diet is one of the best places to start for decreasing your risk of getting cancer. Today’s food contains many carcinogenic substances that contribute to cancer. You are probably eating these substances and unknowingly setting yourself up for disease.

12 Cancer Causing Foods to Immediately Stop Eating - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/cancer-causing-foods-to-stop-eating.html


There are statistics proving that one in three people will get cancer in their lifetimes. This is a disease that can be avoided. Your chances of getting cancer can be reduced dramatically.

There are many foods that should be avoided in order to reduce your risk, but below is a list of the top 12 cancer causing foods that you should avoid starting right now. There are many foods that can also be added to your diet to reduce your risk.

12 Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

(Top Cancer Causing Foods)

12 Cancer Causing Foods to Immediately Stop Eating ~ https://healthpositiveinfo.com/cancer-causing-foods-to-stop-eating.html1. Hydrogenated Oils

These types of oils contain trans fats which are terrible for the human body and are carcinogens. These oils originate as vegetable oil but are then chemically treated to change their composition. They have a dangerously high level of omega-6 fats and negatively impact our cellular health. Hydrogenated oils top the list because they really, truly are that bad for you!

2. Farmed Fish

While fish can be a very health food for people to eat, the fish raised on fish farms are not. These fish live in conditions that are always overcrowded. Likewise, they are treated with antibiotics, pesticides and other cancer-causing chemicals. You should not eat farmed fish because they are filled with contaminants that cause cancer.

3. GMOs

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) permeate our food supply and can be tricky to avoid. The consequences however, are dire. GMOs are foods that have been modified in a variety of ways. Two great examples are soy and corn. Soy and corn have been modified so that they can withstand being sprayed heavily with pesticides and herbicides to prevent pests from eating the growing crops. Likewise, they have been modified so that if eaten by pests, the pests die. Initially the food industry deemed this as brilliant, but we are now learning that these crops are dangerous to the humans who eat them causing damage to our cells and tissue after consumption. GMOs should be avoided at all costs.

4. Dyed Foods

Food coloring has been linked to cancer, ADHD, autoimmune disorders and allergies. While these vibrant-colored food products might look very appealing, they are toxic and should be avoided.

5. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are one of the worst foods a person could ever consume. Chemically altered and chemically created, many of these artificial sweeteners have been known to cause sever health problems including cancer.

6. Sugar

Cancer’s favorite food is sugar. Sugar has been known to grow and spread cancer. It is also implicated in other disorders including ADHD and autoimmune conditions.

7. Packaged Foods

Many of today’s packaged foods, especially foods labeled as diet foods, are laden with trans fats and toxic chemicals. They may seem tasty and appealing, but these artificially colored, sweetened and flavored foods will slowly and surely make you sick.

8. Canned Foods

Most canned foods are very dangerous because they are lined with a substance called Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is a very dangerous chemical known to cause changes in brain cells. Likewise, it is also linked to diabetes, breast cancer, autoimmunity, obesity and heart disease.

9. Processed Meat

Meats such as hot dogs, lunch meat and some sausages are included in this category. These types of meats have been known too raise your risk of pancreatic cancer by approximately 67 percent. These foods use toxic additives that create disruption within the body. Fortunately, there are healthy versions of these foods if you know how to look for them. If you want to eat these foods, you must look for products that come from pasture-raised animals, that are nitrate and nitrite free and that have no additives other than spices and perhaps vitamin C as a preservative.

10. Refined White Flour

Refined white flour is made by harvesting flour, removing all the nutritional value and then bleaching. Sometimes it is then “enriched” with synthetic (and sometimes toxic) vitamins. Also, much of the white flour on the market today contains chemicals and is GMO.


11. Microwave Popcorn

Not only is the corn your popcorn is made from likely GMO, microwave popcorn is contained in a bad that is lined with chemicals linked to cancer. You can expect to find more than kernels in your microwave popcorn. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is one chemical that you are exposed to when you eat microwave popcorn and it is known to cause cancer.

12. High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is a sugar that causes major insulin spikes and feed cancer cells. Likewise, much of the high fructose corn syrup is GMO and cancer causing for that reason as well. High fructose corn syrup should not be consumed.

On the flip-side of all of this is also the fact that eating a nutrient-diet rich in essential micro and macro nutrients is also great way to prevent and reverse disease. See The Wahls Protocol.