How to Do Lymphatic Breast Massage and Why It’s Important

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The benefits of human touch on the mind and body are well known, and lymphatic breast massage can have a therapeutic effect on a woman’s health too. This is because the breasts are comprised of fatty tissues that contain many lymph vessels yet very little muscle. Unlike other parts of the body where the muscles help to move fluid throughout the lymphatic system, a person’s breasts do not typically receive enough movement to encourage the release of toxins. Fortunately, breast massage can enable a person to stimulate this process manually.

How to Do Lymphatic Breast Massage and Why It's Important -

Lymphatic breast massage simply involves using varying amounts of mild to moderate pressure to perform gentle kneading and stroking motions on the breasts that both lift and compress the tissues. This process can be performed alone, or a person can utilize the assistance of a partner. A massage only takes a matter of minutes to perform on a routine basis, yet the effects can be life changing. During the massage, through the lymph nodes in breast, harmful toxins are released and the person enjoys multiple benefits for their health.

Benefits of Breast Massage

(Lymphatic Breast Massage)

How to Do Lymphatic Breast Massage and Why It's Important ~

Cosmetic Improvements

When it comes to the appearance of their breasts, many women worry about sagging that occurs over time as a result of aging, childbirth or simple genetics. Lymphatic breast massage can help to break up cysts and strengthen the muscles and ligaments that help to lift breasts. Circulation is also increased during the massage, which can improve the overall appearance of a woman’s breasts by making them rounder and fuller.

Therapeutic Healing

Breast pain and soreness can occur for a variety of reasons such as hormonal fluctuations, heavy exercise or physical trauma. The soothing touch used during a massage can provide an analgesic effect. As pressure is applied to the muscles and ligaments, tension is released that is often the primary culprit behind aches in the breasts. Encouraging movement of fluid throughout the lymphatic system can also help to reduce swelling and soreness. This type of massage is also effective for anyone who experiences pain due to scarring within their breasts.

Overall Health Enhancements

Many people do not realize the role that healthy breasts can play in their overall all wellbeing. Due to the lymphatic structure in the breasts, any blockages in this area can affect the blood flow throughout the entire body. Build-ups of toxins can cause fatigue, a lowered immune system and inflammation. Toxins also lower blood circulation in the breasts, which can be a risk factor for cancer. Removal of these toxins can help restore circulation so that nutrient-rich blood is able to get through every part of a person’s body systems.

Cancer Prevention

Although cosmetic improvements and enhanced overall health are important benefits of doing a lymphatic breast massage, the potential for reducing a woman’s risk for breast cancer is at the top of the list for reasons why to perform one regularly. The American Cancer Society claims that nearly 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed last year, which means that everyone should make an effort to be familiar enough with the feel of their breasts to detect changes. Performing a lymphatic breast massage can serve as another opportunity alongside regular self-exams to examine one’s breasts for regularities that may have a better outcome for treatment if they are caught early.

A lymphatic breast massage only requires a set of hands and the willingness to learn a few simple steps that can transform one’s health and reap the best breast massage benefits. From improving the appearance of a woman’s breasts to decreasing their risk for cancer, the benefits of human touch can have a profound impact on one’s wellbeing.

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