Affirmations for Relaxation

Relaxation Affirmations

Recite these daily for at least 30 days straight. Personal Reflection Exercises and Affirmations for Relaxation by Health Positive…

Affirmation for Relaxation -

Affirmations for Relaxation

(Affirm to make time to relax daily…)

I actively seek out relaxation in my life. I create an atmosphere of relaxation within my life.

Instead of waiting for a time to sit back and relax, I proactively make this time for myself. I am aware of my schedule, and I make time for special activities that I find relaxing. By scheduling time to do the things that recharge my spirit, I become a more centered person.

I pay attention to how busy I allow myself to get, and I ensure time is allotted to do the things I enjoy doing. I allow myself to rearrange my schedule to make me a high priority. Whether it is taking an hour in the evening to soak in a warm tub of bubbles with a glass of wine and a good book, or taking a peaceful stroll through the park, I make time for myself.

My time and my schedule are important, however my serenity and relaxation is equally important to me. This is why I purposefully make time to step away from my busy life and simply breathe in calmness.

Today I choose to create the time I need to seek relaxation. I may simply need a half hour to feel recharged, and today I will schedule this time for myself.

Relaxation Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When managing my time have I allotted relaxation time?

2. What activities do I find relaxing?

3. How will I devote 20 minutes a day to relaxing?

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Click Below to Download and Print this Relaxation Affirmation:

I actively seek out relaxation in my life

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