9 Exercises To Do at Your Desk

9 + 1 Easy Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Frustrated because you find it almost impossible to have time for exercise since you’re at your desk so many hours each day? If you are stuck at your desk, no problem! You can still get tight and toned with these simple exercises to do at your desk. Follow these tips on how to include desk exercises at work today.

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For many who work in an office, being glued to the desk while typing away at the computer for 8 hours a day is normal and even expected, but it does not mean that there is no time for desk exercise!

Below are some great exercises to do at your desk and ways to keep your body moving all day.

(10) Best Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Exercise at your desk at work with these ideas…

1.  Keep free weights at your desk.

There are countless times throughout the work day when you could work on toning and tightening with the use of Free Weights kept near your desk. Remember that every movement is equivalent to burning calories and possibly building muscle. Keeping your weights where you can see them or even better, right on your desk if there is room.  This is the best way to ensure that you will actually pick them up a few times throughout your day.

2.  Keep a kettlebell at your desk.

A Kettlebell is a great way to build some muscle fast. The kettlebell is typically used to build strength and endurance. It will be super important to be extra careful not to swing the kettlebell near people or electronics, but for many, having a kettlebell by their desk is the perfect way to get a few quick bursts of exercise in throughout the work day.

3.  Sit on a stability ball chair.

Instead of a regular desk chair, invest in a stability ball chair. Using this type of chair throughout the day can boost your strength and energy. They are comfortable and functional and work to also improve posture. Proper posture greatly increases back strength by working more muscles as you sit. These chairs have also been shown to increase back strength, leading to better circulation and better upper-body mobility with less neck and joint pain. Plus, these stability chairs enable you to burn calories by stabilizing your core and body on the ball.

If you do not or cannot use a stability ball chair for the whole day then simply use it at various times throughout your day.  Several times a day, why not set your desk chair aside and sit on a large Stability Ball?  Either way, be sure that if you use a stability ball chair or a stability ball–that you are not having to type in an awkward position which could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

4.  Use a hand gripper at your desk.

Get a Hand Gripper and use it throughout the day. They are convenient because they are small and lightweight. There are likely infinite times throughout the days when you can use your hand gripper, such as while reading. The hand gripper exercises the forearm and the small muscles in the hands. This is especially awesome for women because so often we have trouble opening jars. If you use your hand gripper regularly at your desk during your workday, you can be sure you will never need help with a jar again!

5.  Use an elastic band at your desk.

Using an Elastic Band can be a quick and easy way to get a little exercise in at your desk. These too are small and lightweight. You can use the elastic band for stretching and for resistance and strength training as well. Elastic bands are a great alternative to free weights for many who have joint injuries, but the great thing is that they can be used by anyone and almost anywhere…including at your desk!

6.  Use a desk bike while sitting.

A great invention is a little mini cycler, called a Desk Bike. Even if you peddle slowly, you are still burning calories. You may be able to pick up the speed at various times throughout the day, increasing your heart rate. It is super simple and easy to remember if you leave it set below your desk area near your feet. You could even set a timer and do a 3-4 minute blast several times each day.

7.  Wear weights at your desk and throughout the day.

Consider wearing weights on your ankles throughout your work day. Ankle Weights will not only give you a work out while you are walking around, but you can utilize them while sitting at your desk to do small leg lifts with added resistance.

8.  Take advantage of downtime.

Take advantage of the downtime created by rebooting or large file downloads. Get up and take short walks within the office. A reboot or file download could also be your cue to do a few push-ups, jumping jacks or sit-ups.

9.  Exercise during phone calls.

If you are on the phone, it could also be the perfect time for stretching, leg lifts, or squats. You could even keep a set of free weights, and with your free hand, do bicep curls or flys.

Lastly, a Bonus…

10. Stand up and walk!

The very best thing you can do is to stand up every half hour to walk around a bit. This will ensure continuous blood circulation in your arms and legs, and will keep them from getting too strained. Take walks to the water station to refill your glass. If you can afford to take longer breaks, take a short walk outside your building, and use the stairs instead of the elevator to go down. Aside from giving your legs and heart a good workout, you would be able to take in fresh air as well.

On a side, but related note, give your eyes a break from focusing on your screen. Every 30 minutes or so, shift your focus from the computer screen and scan around other subjects in the room, such as a window, clock, desk, or door. This helps promote eye movement and lessens chances of eye irritation and headaches. Another technique to relax your eyes would be to rub your hands together, then place your cupped hands over your eyes.

Don’t sit still. As long you keep moving, you will be helping to keep yourself in better shape. Constant movement will burn calories and contribute to cardiovascular health. When we sit at our desks for extensive hours at a time, muscles remain stationary, circulation decreases, muscles tire, and tasks can become uncomfortable, our bodies can start to ache, and overall, we feel tired. So keep moving!

If you have to be at your desk, take advantage of that time to exercise!