Why Get a Fitness Mantra and How

Mantra for Fitness

Do you have an exercise mantra? If you wish that workouts felt more like play and less like work, a simple fitness mantra could make it happen for you. A recent study proved once again how powerful self-talk can be.

A group of cyclists preparing for a competition were divided in two. Half of them urged themselves on with affirmative statements like, “You’re doing well,” while the other half went without mantras. The self-talkers were able to keep biking for about 20% longer. They also felt like their workouts required less effort.

So get fit the easy way! Take a look at these characteristics of a dynamic fitness mantra and write your own personal manifesto.

Why You Need to Get a Fitness Mantra and How - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/why-you-need-to-get-a-fitness-mantra.html

How to Have a Fitness Mantra

*Characteristics of a Powerhouse Fitness Mantra. Adapt these fitness affirmations today!:

Why You Need to Get a Fitness Mantra and How - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/why-you-need-to-get-a-fitness-mantra.html1. Think positive.

Focus on your strengths. Celebrate your unique gifts, abilities, and potential. Choose to be happy and hone your sense of purpose. Write your fitness affirmation around this.

2. Seek inspiration.

Get in touch with what motivates you personally. Maybe you want more years to spend with your family. Maybe you define success as being able to fit into your old jeans.

3. Demonstrate courage.

Attitude is also important. Becoming stronger or faster means pushing your boundaries. Dare yourself to ice skate even if you fall down at first.

4. Indulge in humor.

Have fun along the way. Take time to laugh. Give yourself permission to look silly. Keep at it.

5. Practice patience.

A healthy lifestyle is a long-term pursuit. Be prepared to go the distance. Intensifying your workouts gradually is the way to make lasting gains while also lowering your chances of injury.

6. Become empowered.

Believe in yourself. Give yourself credit for showing up and taking risks. Hold yourself accountable for your decisions.

7. Live joyfully.

Honor the mind and body connection. Happy thoughts will lighten your steps. Take pleasure in the way your way your body operates. Notice how a brisk walk melts your stress away.

8. Encourage hope.

Identify the results that you want and know that you can make lifestyle changes to achieve them.

Using Your Powerhouse Fitness Mantra:

1. Write it down.

Everything becomes more concrete when you set it down on paper. Spell out your affirmations in a journal or print them on a colorful t-shirt.

2. Say it out loud.

Give voice to your statement. Use it to get in the mood on your way to the gym or running track. Call it out while you’re exercising.

3. Repeat as needed.

Go over your mantra again and again. Invite it into your heart. Concentrate on its meaning.

4. Share it with friends.

Let your friends know your secret. You can support each other as you work towards your fitness goals. You may even want to borrow some wording from each other.

5. Wear a smile.

Research also shows that a smile instantly makes us feel more relaxed and improves our performance. Think about your best friend or favorite love song and let a grin naturally spread across your face.

6. Breathe deeply.

Taking full breaths is a natural source of energy and poise. Inhale before you start saying your mantra. Let each syllable be carried along as you exhale.

7. Track your progress.

Of course, your mantra needs to be put into action. Take note of where you’re making progress and where you may want to adjust your course.

8. Stay updated.

Over time, you’ll gain fresh insights from things you read and people you meet. Let your mantras adapt to reflect your personal growth and revised goals.

Power yourself up with a little psychology using fitness affirmations. Use your own fitness mantra to talk yourself into working out harder everyday while also feeling like you’re taking things easier.