10 Reasons to Use Pink Himalayan Salt

Why Use Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt has been used to flavor the foods around the world for as long as humans have existed. Salt has served the purpose of preserving meat and giving foods added flavor. Consuming salt is actually a very healthy and essential to our overall function, but unfortunately not all salt is created equal. The benefits of Himalayan pink salt are many compared to other types of salts.

The table salt currently being used by many people has no natural ingredients and is a substance highly detrimental to our health. Traditional table salt is made up of 97.5 percent sodium chloride and the remainder 2.5 percent is just the moisture absorbents and chemical additives.

10 Reasons to Use Pink Himalayan Salt - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/reasons-to-use-pink-himalayan-salt.html

Regular Table Salt

The sodium chloride goes through a process in its manufacturing where it is chemically bleached and then baked at 1200 degrees until the sodium chloride crystallizes into the form we know as salt. It is a substance that is completely devoid of nutrition and minerals after this process. Further, chemicals are added to it that can make it even more dangerous and toxic for human consumption.

Traditional table salt has been used in the homes of families for many years. Although table salt is mighty tasty, it has contributed greatly to health risks we see today.

Indeed there are many health benefits to salting your food and incorporating salt into your diet, but only with the right kinds of salt and this would definitely not be by using traditional table salt. (See Salt Your Way to Health by David Brownstein.)

Likewise, the growing concern of the dangers in traditional table salt has people concerned. Since the public has become aware of this, the search for a healthier salt has become a priority. There are several options when it comes to replacing your table salt. Included are celtic sea salt, sea salt, and pink Himalayan salt to name a few.

We will focus on pink Himalayan salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is 100 percent preservative free. It is natural salt harvested from the Himalayan mountains. This salt is satisfying on your food without the risks traditional table salt poses. Pink Himalayan salt is shown to have numerous health benefits for your body when consumed during meals. It is also great to use in the bath tub.

Here are 10 benefits to consuming pink Himalayan salt that will hopefully prompt you to get rid of your table salt and use pink Himalayan salt instead.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

(Health Benefits)

10 Reasons to Use Pink Himalayan Salt ~ https://healthpositiveinfo.com/reasons-to-use-pink-himalayan-salt.html

1. Blood Sugar

Pink Himalayan salt has been shown to help regulate blood sugar. This is because Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and 4 of which are key factors in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels – Chromium, Vanadium, Manganese and Magnesium. These minerals help with the digestion of sugars and starches and balance blood sugar.

2. Digestion

Did you know that salt is absolutely critical to digestion? Pink Himalayan slat aids in digestion by helping food move freely through the digestive tract. It stimulates the glands that produce our digestive juices and also stimulates the production of acid and enzymes in the stomach, intestines and liver.

3. Blood Pressure

This salt is great for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Pink Himalayan salt contains traces of minerals that are beneficial in preventing high blood pressure. When consumed with water, Himalayan salt can help the body’s blood pressure regulate to a healthy level.

4. Regulation of Water Levels in the Body

Pink Himalayan salt helps regulate the proper amount of water in the body. Traditional table salt does not regulate the water content in the body. Table salt either retains water or causes the person to become dehydrated, but Himalayan salt has the elements the body requires, allowing it to regulate the right amount of water in the body.

5. Respiratory System

Inhaling a brine steam of Himalayan salt can aid in the treatment of respiratory issues, including sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, and allergies.

6. Skin Issues

Pink Himalayan salt has been shown to be effective in treating skin issues including, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, and insect bites to name just a few. It works by drawing out toxins harbored within the skin. Likewise, the important minerals contained in the salt aid in skin health. These include Chromium, Zinc, Iodine and Sulfur.

7. Muscles

Pink Himalayan salt balances electrolytes. Muscle cramps are a result of overuse and/or when the body is lacking fluids and minerals. Himalayan salt will ensure you have adequate mineral levels as well as regulate your fluid levels, thus warding off muscle cramps.

8. Menstrual Issues

Soak in a tub of warm water and pink Himalayan salt to ease cramps and pressure and stabilize body fluids during menstruation.

9. Teeth

Himalayan salt contains potassium which aids in gum health as well as other minerals, including calcium, that aid in dental health. Many people find an improvement in dental health when the rinse with a Himalayan salt brine solution.

10. Detoxification

When Pink Himalayan salt is added to the bath water it will draw out the toxins in the body. This will help promote overall function with the body system and not as many aches and pains in the muscles.



If you are considering changing your diet to accommodate a healthier lifestyle, start with ditching the table salt. The health benefits of Pink Himalayan salt are endless. Just a simple change of the salt could mean feeling much better about yourself and about life. If you have questions about the product, contact customer service agents. They are professionally trained in the product and are waiting to help you.