Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body in Nature

How to Rejuvenate Your Body – and Mind

Enjoying fresh air and sunshine is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your mind and body. There are numerous advantages to going outside in nature every day! Below are some of the best benefits of nature for the body and mind.

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body in Nature -


Health Benefits of Nature/ Spending Time Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine can help you regain focus. It is calming and invigorating at the same time. The best part about it is that nature has no negative side effects. Spending a brief period of time outside in-between work tasks can benefit you greatly.

  • The sun’s light is a powerful source of energy for the human body. Because it provides you with what your body needs to make Vitamin D, sunlight can benefit the strength of your bones, your moods, and your overall health.
  • Spending time outdoors can help relieve stress and tension. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine or the clouds, and take a short walk before going back inside. You’ll notice a difference in your mood.
  • Going outside can also benefit your physical fitness. Whether you’re raking leaves, gardening, playing with a child or pet, or simply taking a walk, you’re sure to burn extra calories. Spending time outside every day can translate into significant fitness throughout the week.

There are plenty of ways you can get outdoors more often, even if you just usually prefer to stay inside and watch television or read.

How to Rejuvenate Your Mind – and Body

*How to Get Outside More Often So You Can Reap the Benefits of Nature:

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body in Nature - Take a walk.

Whether you’re walking to get somewhere or simply for pleasure, the combination of fresh air, sunshine, and cardiovascular benefits make taking a walk outdoors a smart move, especially if you work it into your daily routine.

2. Play.

If you have children or a pet that would enjoy playing outside, then use them as an excuse to get more play into your schedule. Try a sport, an outdoor game, going to a dog park for a game of fetch, or anything else that might get you active and outdoors during the day.

3. Simply be outside.

Whether you go bird watching, flower picking, whale watching, fishing, or simply going out to take photographs, nature can be a beautiful place to be. Immersing yourself in this beauty is one of the greatest benefits of spending time outside.

4. Wash the car.

Don’t bother taking your car to an automatic car wash. Consider the benefits of washing your car yourself. Not only will you save money but you will get a workout and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outside at the same time.

5. Go beach-combing (or land-combing)

If you live near the ocean, a lake, or a river, you can find plenty of interesting items as you walk along the edge of the water. Collect shells, pebbles, and other trinkets from nature while enjoying some leisure time by yourself, with a loved one, or with your entire family.

If you are not near water, you can do this on non-waterfront land and look for unique rocks, leaves, and different types of vegetation.

6. Ride your bike.

Ride to the store or work each day. If that is not feasible, consider a simple bike ride around your neighborhood from time to time. Not only will this get you outside to soak up some Vitamin D, but it also offers numerous cardiovascular and health benefits, in addition to being entirely eco-friendly.

7. Exercise outside.

If you normally have an exercise routine that you do indoors, simply transfer it outside.  You can do many of the same exercises outside as you can inside.  Do your yoga or meditation outside. Go for a walk. Interval train.

Set a goal to get at least 20 minutes of outdoor time everyday starting today. Even this short amount of time can have a significant benefit for your health in countless ways.