Letting Go of the Past and Moving On

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go means releasing the thoughts and emotions in our lives that hold us back. For many, letting go is not easy, but the truth is that letting go is far easier than most of us think.

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We are inclined to cling on to the “stories” about how we were wronged or mistreated or how things weren’t fair or this or that, or whatever the case may be. But if we can, at a minimum, acknowledge that we are stuck in these stories and ways of thinking, we can also realize how we hold ourselves back by not letting go of them.

Letting go of the past

The decision to let go of something – a negative thought, a story, resentment, physical items, an actual person, ANYTHING, can only be done in the present moment. It is either there or it’s not. If not, there is nothing to let go of, so no need to let go. In other words, it requires seeing the truth of what really has its grip on you.

Letting go and moving on

So do you want to know how to do it? To let go? I have a fool-proof, 100% effective way to let go of anything in your life, but it only works if you are committed to it and if you make a promise to yourself that you are going to follow the rules of this technique completely.

The Steps of Letting Go

(Before I go through the steps, know this truth – when a person lets go of thinking or beliefs that do not serve them, life instantly becomes easier, less overwhelming and stressful, and more joyful. Things that seemed to matter so much, just don’t anymore. Suddenly there are more hours in the day when our minds are free of all the chatter of repeating the story over and over and trying to fix the unfixable.)

Follow these steps with a partner–best technique–or alone:

1. Identify something you want to let go of or release.

Consciously know the things you need to let go of. Tell yourself you can let these things be. Just learn to accept and be ready to let go of your attachment or obsession to these.

2. Write or speak the story surrounding it.

If you do this technique with another person, say it aloud. If you are alone, I highly recommend writing the story out. Tell the story in detail. Go ahead and get upset about it. Play the victim. Show emotion. Dig up all the crappy feelings that you have about it and let it pour. Make it a performance and do not stop until you get it all out. Keep going and going and going until its all told in excruciating detail.

3. Say to your partner aloud, or to yourself if doing this technique alone, that you are forever releasing that story.

Expressively tell yourself you are free of that story. If you chose to write down your story, perhaps even burn the paper you wrote it on (safely, of course). Now, here is the part that makes the letting go happen…

4. Say to your partner or yourself aloud or silently that you are ready to let go of that story.

State that this was the last time you will ever tell that story to another living soul and that you are committed and making a promise that you will never tell that story ever again to anyone else or yourself ever ever ever, no matter what.

5. When or if you catch yourself telling the story to yourself inside your head, immediately say the word “cancel” to yourself and stop.

Done. Period. End of story. (For real.) Be conscious of letting go, and totally remove the things or attachments you don’t need in your life. Forget about it.

Try these and feel the amazing feeling of letting go.