Laugh Away Stress – Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Laughter

Laughing Yoga for Stress

Laughter truly is the best medicine. A healthy daily dose of laughter can cut through the deepest feelings of stress and anxiety. Using laughter for stress can replace those feelings with a sense of joy that strengthens you to overcome any obstacle you’re facing. Laughter also enhances your relationships by bringing you and the ones you love closer together.


Laugh Away Stress - Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Laughter - can have positive effects on your physical health, too. Enjoying funny jokes or silly moments can help you feel more relaxed and less tense. This puts less pressure on your body’s systems and may even promote a healing response within your body.


When you’re feeling intense emotions, laughter can be a powerful tool to work through them. A healthy sense of humor acts as an emotional distraction and creates a fresh perspective on your circumstance. Laughter is often the quickest and most effective way to combat strong feelings of anger and frustration.

Laughing to Reduce Stress – And Anxiety

Try these tips/ ideas to experience more of the power of laughter in your health and life, starting today:

Laugh Away Stress - Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Laughter - Dedicate time to wholehearted laughter, preferably in the morning.

For best results, practice this exercise with your entire family. If your family laughs together every day, you’ll be closer and experience more open relationships with each other.

  • Watch a funny sitcom you all enjoy, or share funny jokes and anecdotes. While this can be done any time during the day, starting your day off with laughter first thing in the morning gives your day a fresh, positive start.

2. Discover your personal humor profile.

Find what kind of jokes or scenarios make you laugh; then, pursue more of these things.

  • Comedy shows, movies, and plays can help you discover what tickles your funny bone. This lighthearted process of discovery alone can increase your sense of joy and happiness almost overnight.

3. Keep jolly and jovial company around.

Having happy people around you spreads the healthy bug of laughter. A happy, healthy sense of humor is highly infectious. So is stinking thinking, by the way.  Surround yourself with lighthearted people that see the good and funny aspects in any situation.

  • A sense of humor supplements your worldview. Surrounding yourself with people that create a positive view of the world makes the heavy lifting of life much easier.

4. Develop your lighter side.

When you make mistakes, find the humor in it. Be willing to laugh at yourself and enjoy the humor in your mistakes. When you practice finding the funny aspects of your most challenging situations, you’ll be at ease and better able to cope with the stresses you face everyday.

5. Share your funny moments.

Funny things are happening around you all the time. Squeeze every ounce of joy you can out of them by sharing them with others. Laughter is contagious, and it’s much more fun to laugh with a friend than by yourself.

Opportunities for laughter are all around you. Today, make a conscious choice to look out for the funny aspects of any given situation. Give yourself permission to laugh out loud. When you do, you’ll regularly experience a deep sense of joy that’ll carry you through the most challenging moments of your life. Enjoy and reap the benefits of laughter!