How to Get Rid of Static Hair

How to Remove Static from Your Hair 

Certain hair-types are much more likely to hold static electricity. Damaged hair, dry hair, finer hair, and thinner hair are more likely to be affected by static electricity, but it does affect all kinds of hair. This is called static hair.

How to Get Rid of Static Hair -

What Causes Static Electricity in Hair 

When our environment is dry, static charges build up because the electricity that is naturally all around us has no way to travel. In more humid environments, the electricity gets dispersed through the air without building up. Because of this, static electricity mostly happens during cold months because during colder months, the air holds much less moisture.

So how do you get rid of static hair? Here are…

14 Tips on How to Get Rid of Static Hair

If you are someone who has static hair in Winter below are fourteen tips on How to Get Rid of Static Hair.

1. Keep Your Hair Hydrated Using Oil Treatments.

You can use either a hot oil treatment once or twice per week and/or oil treatments in the form of adding an oil  product after you shampoo your hair. My very favorite oil is called “Argan Oil.” I was hooked from the moment I tried it. My favorite brand of argan oil is by “Moroccan Oil.” They have a line of leave-in oil products for after you shampoo and also a line of shampoos and conditioners containing the oil. The result is not only less static but overall tamer and softer hair.

2. Use a Dryer Sheet to Get Rid of Static in Hair.

If you pat down your hair while dry with a dryer sheet it can reduce static in your hair. Use an already used dryer sheet to avoid leaving residue behind. While flat, slowly rub the sheet over your hair from the roots to tips. You can even keep a few in your purse for when you are out if static appears.

3. Use a Humidifier.

When you make your living environment more moist, you prevent static in your hair. This is one way you can get rid of static hair, especially at home. Some of you may even be able to get away with this one at work!

4. Let Your Hair Air Dry.

When you allow your hair to dry without the use of a hairdryer, you leave in more moisturize. The blow dryer typically removes more moisture than allowing it to air dry, and more moisture means less static.

5. Keep Your Hair Hydrated Using a Moisturizing Shampoo.

You can get rid of static hair by keeping your hair hydrated by using a moisturizing shampoo. Other terminology for “moisturizing shampoo” is “hydrating shampoo.” Even if your hair is not dry to the touch, switching to a moisturizing shampoo can help with static during colder months.

6. Keep Your Hair Hydrated Using a Leave-In Conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner is either a separate or added conditioner that you apply to your hair while it is still wet or damp but after you have finished with your regular shampoo and/or conditioning routine. Using a leave-in conditioner allows you to retain more hydration in your hair. Start by trying first the most popular, highly rated leave-in conditioning treatments.

7. Use Hair Products.

If you weigh down your hair with styling products, your hair retains more moist, and since static is attracted to dry hair you can get rid of static this way. Additionally, the weight of the product in your hair prevents it from raising up from the static.

8. Avoid Hats.

Avoid wearing hats, especially hats made from wool, polyester or acrylic, as this will encourage hair static.

9. Use Wooden Brushes

Use a wooden brush instead of a plastic brush. This helps reduce static electricity in hair.

10. Use a Natural-Bristled Brush.

Like number 9 above, using a natural-bristled brush instead of a synthetic-bristled brush, such as plastic, can help stop static hair.

11. Brush Less.

Do not brush or comb your hair more than necessary. The simple act of brushing and combing hair creates static hair!

12. Use Alcohol-Free Products.

Using alcohol-free products will help lessen their drying effects on hair which creates more static.

13. Shampoo Less Frequently.

Unless your hair is very oily or has a tendency to be oily, shampooing your hair less can help against static. The natural oil our scalp creates are healthy and moisturizing for the hair, and moisturized hair is less prone to static. Shampooing the hair strips oil from the hair strand and scalp, making it drier and susceptible to static.

14. Use an Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer.

Finally, Ionic Ceramic Hairdryers are said to help eliminate static.

Try any or all of these tips on how to remove static from hair, and who knows, you’ll also have healthier hair.