What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Color Psychology

Have you ever wondered what attracts us to a particular color? Does it go beyond simply thinking it’s pretty and instead reflect something about your own reality? Experts concur, and numerous studies have gleaned the same information for us. While there are certainly individual differences and these traits don’t hold true for everyone, listed below are the personality traits associated with 9 colors. Know Your Favorite Color What It Says About You below. Have fun!

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/favorite-color-say-about-you.html

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

(Quiz: Color Meanings)

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/favorite-color-say-about-you.html1. Red

This color has great appeal to the extrovert and is also associated with strong appetites and desires, and a desire to live life to the fullest. It can sometimes be associated with aggression and impulsiveness. A red person may be inclined to many ups and downs in moods and feelings and will release your emotions quickly. You know that life should be happy and are quick to become upset when life challenges this. Reds may also be quick to judge and are very comfortable in stating their opinion boldly.

2. Orange

Lovers of orange are inclined to be outgoing and friendly and are well-known as a pleasant person, who makes friends easily and smiles just as easily. You truly enjoy fun friendships and will be less inclined toward profound or serious discussions or people. Your marriage, if you marry at all, is destined to be light and affectionate, rather than deeply passionate. Your ease with large groups of people and meeting new people can place you well in the political arena. Deep thought or philosophy has very little appeal to you.

3. Yellow

Those who are attracted to yellow have very high aspirations and work diligently to reach for them through methodical planning and deliberations. In the long run you may not achieve your well planned goals for the lack of energy to execute them. You are not shy but may possess a natural reserve or appear aloof. You strategize your life’s journey through well-organized thinking. You may carry a sense of longing through life for your unmet dreams.

4. Green

If you gravitate toward Green, you are more steady and unchanging than most of us in your life view, with great interest in creating successful social standing. You have increased likelihood to live in a financially affluent area and social relationships often reflect this as well. Greens will have a resistance to change and strive diligently to protect their good life and standing. If you are a green, you may have a strong need to seek affirmation and affection for validation.

5. Blue-Green

Those who are attracted to Blue-Green hues are, like their Green counterparts – socially well-connected and poised and are likely to have a natural interest in good food and wines, causing them to be regarded as connoisseurs on the subject. Despite your poise and social graces, there may be deep seated stress within you. You have a profound need for love and approval. There are gender based differences in this group, with the men known for good grooming, quick wit and humor, as well as a sarcastic nature, and a bit of a conceited manner. Women are also well-groomed with a remarkable flair for fashion, are very charming and have great appeal to their gentlemen friends.

6. Blue

The Blue people strive to accomplish a serene lifestyle and a sense of peace, through keeping their home and affairs in good order. You may be inclined to introversion and thoughtfulness. The blues are often highly intellectual, and at times, perhaps, too much so. Sometimes considered egocentric, adhering strongly to your own opinions, you are also sensitive to others, and generally manage your emotions well. There is a strong likelihood of you achieving some success in life as well.



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7. Purple

Those with a fondness for purple, seem to be deeply insightful about life and are often either artistic in expressing themselves or have great admiration for the artistic endeavors of others. Among the purple people, there is a common interest in striving for peace and envision a world free of war and disease, and often, through artistic endeavor, strive to share that message. There may be some attraction to the mystical or spiritual matters among this group as well.

8. Brown

Those drawn to brown are steady, hard-working, and deliberate in their approach to life. Browns are often seen as tenacious or even obstinate in their approach, and may be viewed as ‘takers’ rather than ‘givers’. However on the plus side, they can be frugal and possess a quality that may be called ageless. You are inclined to be very dependable in assuming responsibilities, though you seldom allow yourself time for anything light and fun.

9. Pink

Our pink friends will tend to seek a life filled with sweetness, innocence, and affection often associated with childhood memories they wish to see reborn in adult life, or with still being in that childhood, and so of course, naiveté may be seen in pink personalities too. Pink people may be romantic, generous, and foster gentility. This color is frequently favored in the upper or middle class women.