Acne Scarring Treatments – For Acne Scars

Best Treatment for Acne Scars

Are you looking for treatment for acne scars on cheeks? Or do you have scars on face from acne treatment?

Acne Scarring Treatments For Acne Scars -

Acne scarring is a sad reminder of  having suffered with acne in the past. The scars from acne are perhaps one of the most upsetting aspects of acne. Generally speaking, acne scars can be difficult to treat, but tissue regeneration is not impossible nowadays with all the amazing technological developments for acne scarring treatments.

Read below on how to get rid of scarring acne…

Natural Treatment for Acne Scars

First – the best way to avoid acne scarring is to get the right treatment in place as soon as possible to avoid acne altogether. This is probably the best acne scars natural treatment you can find, and it is also cheap and safe. But, if your acne is persistent, remember that picking at the whitehead or pustule will only create the worse scarring in the end. This is probably the best tip on how to stop acne from scarring.

While most scarring is temporary and will probably disappear naturally in time, scars from the more severe forms of acne can be permanent.  Acne scarring can be minimal–a reddish, purplish area left behind that fades over the course of several months to a year.  It can also include deep pits in the skin that can be left behind, unfortunately, for a lifetime.

For less severe acne scarring, avoid exposure to sun as this can darken the spot even more.  These spots will go away on their own with roughly a year’s time.  For more severe acne scarring, some newer and fairly effective treatments for acne scarring include laser treatments.

Acne Scar Laser Treatment

Laser resurfacing is one way of removing damaged skin areas and stimulating the natural regrowth of the tissue beneath. This procedure can sometimes require local anesthetic and can last between a few minutes and an hour depending on the extent of the problem.

Fractional laser therapy is one of the most recent methods of eliminating acne scars. It involves surgical intervention at deep skin layers. The treatment is superior to both dermabrasion and laser resurfacing in terms of quality and has a much reduced healing period. Nevertheless, fractional laser therapy can be pricey.  Multiple sessions are typically required to improve the condition of the upper layers of the skin before they can tackle the deep level treatment of the acne scar.

Injections can help with deep acne scarring.  A licensed physician can inject collagen into the scars in order to raise the normal skin level.

Micro-dermabrasion for the same purpose can also help in lessening the appearance of scars.

Using DIY Home Kits or Chemical Peels

There are many at-home kits available for acne scarring. Avoid trying to perform chemical peels for acne treatment at home because it can aggravate the condition of the skin, causing irritation and worsening the scars.

If you are suffering from severe acne or acne scarring, see a trusted dermatologist that specializes in acne or a plastic surgeon offering acne scarring treatment.  (Many plastic surgeon offices now provide laser treatment for acne scars, aside for treatments for the regular scars.)