8 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Sleeping Naked


Why Sleep Naked

Statistics have shown that many people put on pajamas or an alternative form of comfortable sleeping clothing while going to bed. However, there exist a select few, who have the guts to go to bed without clothes on.

8 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Sleeping Naked - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/8-reasons-why-you-should-seriously-consider-sleeping-naked.html

Less than 10 percent of Americans fall into this cloth-less category. However, what is unknown by most is that there are a number of health benefits attached to sleeping without clothes. Below are a few reasons why you should sleep naked.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

(*Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked)

8 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Sleeping Naked ~ https://healthpositiveinfo.com/8-reasons-why-you-should-seriously-consider-sleeping-naked.html1. You sleep better!

Research carried out on Australian subjects on the benefits of sleeping naked revealed that individuals that sleep naked have a much better sleep than their counterparts who sleep dressed. The research showed that the human body exudes heat from its core, and this aids great sleep. Thus, sleeping with clothes on may slow down or totally impede this heat release function, resulting in insomnia or mild restless during sleep. The other way round, naked sleepers aid the heat-release process by wearing no clothes, experiencing better sleep.

2. Enhanced Metabolism

After a great night’s sleep, people almost always feel rejuvenated and better. Because of this, the regulation of cortisol concentration is improved, thus enhancing the body’s metabolism. This also aids weight reduction in the form of less cravings for food thus resulting in a trim waistline.

3. Enhanced Blood Circulation

Take it or leave it, tight-fitting clothes have been found to considerably reduce blood circulation. Be they pajamas, stockings, underwear, t-shirts or slim jeans, blood flow is reduced in certain areas of the body. However, the reverse is the case when one sleeps without clothes! Blood circulation proceeds freely and unhindered to all areas of the body, increasing the overall body performance.

4. Anti-Skin disease

Exposing the body to adequate air has been found to greatly reduce chances of developing skin disease. Baring the underarms, feet and genitals decreases the susceptibility to certain infections and skin disorders including intertrigo and athlete’s foot.

5. Appetite Control

Studies have shown that the concentration of the body’s stress hormone, Cortisol reduces considerably during sleep. Furthermore, an individual who has not had a good sleep will have higher Cortisol levels when he wakes up. This will result in excessive cravings for comfort foods and junk food to increase – primarily in the form of sweet or salty foods. Consistently high cortisol concentrations may lead to unbridled appetites. On the other hand, individuals who sleep adequately are bound to experience normal Cortisol levels, and hence normal appetite. Sleeping naked has been shown to allow people to sleep more deeply and get better quality sleep.

6. Anti-Aging



Studies have shown that during sleep, the body releases melatonin and some growth hormones, which happen to be the most efficient hormones with anti-aging functions. The better and lengthier the sleep, the higher the concentration of these hormones that would be released into circulation.

7. Prevention of Diabetes

As published in Diabetes magazine, sleeping in cool conditions enhances metabolism, which also involves a reduced blood glucose level. Invariably, great sleep helps one against developing type-2 Diabetes. Also, a study on the correlation of good sleep with reduced diabetes susceptibility confirmed that individuals who sleep naked not only see their fat deposits reduce over time, but also have a lower chance of developing diabetes.

8. Well, It’s Easy!

Think about the stress taken to step into sleep trousers and button pajama shirts, or the effort taken to wear sleep gowns and knot sleep robes. Sleeping naked requires no effort! Just sleep!