25 Smart Money Saving Tips You Can Start Using Today

Smart Tips for Saving Money

Saving money requires that we spend less than we earn. Putting away a portion of what we earn is necessary to grow the reserve of wealth we may need for a rainy day. The most optimal solution to not getting caught off guard when we need to tap into our reserve funds would be to have reserve funds available in the first place. Below are some of the  best/ top money saving tips and tricks you can try to grow your savings.

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25 smart money saving tips you can start using today:

  1. Religiously put away ten percent of any income you received, in a savings account, a jar, or a shoe box under the bed. A savings account can be opened once you save enough money.
  2. If you are a smoker, quit! Cut out buying cigarettes as each pack can cost almost $6.
  3. Every time spare change gets put into your hand it needs to go into a jar or the box for savings. All the spare change can add up to dollars quickly. Roll them up several times a year and deposit the funds in your bank savings account.
  4. If you live in a state that has a recycling program for bottles and cans where you can receive change for turning in recyclables, do it! This can add up.
  5. Clean out the garage and the yard around the house. Sort the metal and the aluminum and the copper from the brass and so forth. Take it to the scrap iron junk yard. They will pay you in cash or a check for the extra scrap metal, motors, pipes, and pretty much anything there is except for plastic.
  6. Find a hobby that interests you in the spare time you have, and try to sell that service or good. For instance, make baby plants off of a bigger one you already have. Put the babies into a sweet little container with soil, and advertise plants for sale in Craigslist, or at your next yard sale.
  7. Are there any spare moments in your week that you aren’t doing anything? Maybe a side gig such as housecleaning once a week or babysitting would help. If those don’t interest you, how about writing? There are many sites online that provide writing services. You could sign up as an independent contractor to write articles for people for a good fee.
  8. There are jeans and certain brand name clothes that go for a lot of money when sold second hand.
  9. Raise the thermostat in the summer.
  10. Lower the thermostat in the winter.
  11. Switch to a cheaper mobile phone plan. Mobile phone companies are constantly offering incentives. Along those same lines, if you have a mobile phone, why not disconnect your home phone?
  12. Shop in a thrifty way. Buy only what you need.
  13. Buy only the cheap items every time you shop and use coupons for products that aren’t as important.
  14. Cut back on cable television.
  15. Have a yard sale of the things you no longer wear or use.
  16. Ask family members to pitch in and donate stuff to you they would  have donated anyway somewhere else. And then sell those things in your yard sale.
  17. Cut back on hair appointments.
  18. Cut back on nail appointments.
  19. Take it easy on the gas mileage.
  20. Give your vehicle a tune up.
  21. Pump you tires up with the correct amount of air for better gas mileage.
  22. Find homeopathic ways to beautify yourself.
  23. Stay healthy exercising at home and cancel your gym membership.
  24. Carpool to work.
  25. Take lunch to work. Fast food gets to be very expensive.

It is important to make a visible list of money saving ideas you can see everyday so you can focus on where it is best for you to save money. There is a rewarding feeling that comes from saving.