14 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

How to Lose 1 Pound a Week 

With all the diets floating around that claim to result in losing 20+ pounds in a month, 1 pound per week might not sound worthwhile. You’d want to know really how many calories to lose a pound a day, a week, a year. But consider that 1 pound per week is over 50 pounds per year; how would you look and feel if you had started a year ago? No matter how much weight you lose on a consistent basis, it all accumulates, leading to healthier permanent weight loss. Below are some tips on losing a pound a week.


14 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound Each Week - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/14-easy-ways-to-lose-a-pound-each-week.html

How to Lose a Pound a Week

Try to perform at least one of these ideas/ tips on how to lose one pound a week. You can lose weight faster, easier, or more effectively.

14 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound Each Week - https://healthpositiveinfo.com/14-easy-ways-to-lose-a-pound-each-week.html1. Do Burst Training.

Exercising in quick bursts, specifically 30-60 seconds with a 3-4 minute break in between effectively results in fat burning. Do 3-4 cycles of burst training a few times each week.

2. Reduce meal sizes when eating out.

Most people eat what is put in front of them. A great exercise for losing weight is pushing yourself away from the table at restaurants when you already feel full. You can just have the extra food to-go.

3. Avoid drinking any calories.

It’s much easier to drink calories than it is to eat them and drinking calories has a huge impact on your blood sugar and waistline.

4. Replace rice and potatoes with vegetables.

You can almost eat just about as much vegetables as you want without gaining weight. Rice, baked goods, and even potatoes (and other “white” foods) will negatively impact your blood sugar and weight.

5. Skip the elevator and use the stairs.

Burn some extra calories by taking the stairs. It’s a simple yet effective way to easily burn fat and lose weight.

6. Drop all processed foods.

If you limit yourself to foods that at one time naturally flew, swam, ran, grew in the ground, or on a tree or plant, it’s hard to be unhealthy and overweight. Man-made carbohydrates like bread, pasta, crackers, candy, and other commercially processed food make us gain weight.

7. Eat a salad before eating your meal.

Eating a large healthy salad before your meal can help reduce cravings and over-eating. Choose dark leafy greens with other raw vegetables and make sure the dressing is healthy.

8. Get up and move around for 5 minutes each hour.

Studies have shown that you’ll actually get more work done if you take a short break each hour. Take a short walk or pick up a dumbbell while you’re at it.

9. Do something else for 15 minutes.

When you first get the feeling or urge to eat, find something else to do for 15 minutes. You might be surprised how much time goes by before you remember you were hungry. Strive to avoid bordome and keep yourself busy to avoid unnecessary eating

10. Stand up.

More offices are moving to standing desks. It’s helpful for burning extra calories and keeping you more alert and focused. You can even try standing at home while watching television to prevent weight gain especially around your mid-section.

11. Replace “bad food” with “good food.”

Once each day, replace one food you’re used to eat with a healthier option. Eat more healthy snacks instead of junk food.

12. Avoid eating while watching TV.

According to scientists, you’ll eat almost 300 calories more in front of the television – unconsciously – than you will at the dinner table!

13. Sleep for a full 8 hours.

We burn fat even when we’re sleeping and so sleep is absolutely essential to losing weight. Anyway, it’s better to just sleep than keep on eating!

14. Check the labels.

You might be surprised how much a serving is for certain foods – and/or exactly what is contained in your food that could be causing you to gain and keep extra pounds.

Losing a pound per week can be easy and painless. By utilizing just one of these tips to lose a pound a week, you can find yourself 50 pounds lighter by this time next year!