Yoga Breathing Step-by-Step

Yoga Breathing Techniques

Most people are not aware of their breathing unless they are feeling challenged by it. This may happen when you have a cold or if you feel winded following a run.

In yoga, paying close attention to your breath is important, and breathing in a certain way is fundamental to the practice. Below are some ways to do yoga deep breathing.

Yoga Breathing Step-by-Step -

Yoga Breathing Exercises

There are several types of yoga breathing. (Three yoga breathing types are outlined below.) Follow these steps/ tips for doing beneficial yogic breathing. Make sure to practice them daily.

Yoga Breathing Step-by-Step -



Abdominal Breathing:

Observe as your abdomen rises and falls with each breath. With each inhalation, deepen, extend and lengthen the motion of your belly. Allow your abdomen to rise and fall to its limit, keeping your chest still the entire time. Continue for 20 breaths, then rest.

Thoracic Breathing:

Begin by observing your normal breath, this time focusing on your chest. Observe your breathing pattern for several moments, and then begin to extend, deepen and lengthen the movement of your chest. Expand and lift your rib cage when you inhale, then let your lungs collapse completely when you exhale. Continue for 20 breaths, then rest.

Yogic Deep Breathing:

Inhale, filling your abdomen. Expand your breath upward to fill your chest. Exhale from the chest, then the abdomen, continuing to exhale as you draw your abdomen in completely. This is a single round of yogic breath. Repeat this process for 20 rounds, then rest.

Over time, yogic breathing will come naturally. Practice for a few minutes each day, and you’ll likely find yourself feeling increasingly peaceful and calm, even when you’re not actively paying attention to your breath.

Breath is a fundamental source of nourishment for all of us. If you spend a little time becoming familiar with yours, you’ll feel more rested and alert, in touch with yourself, and connected to others.

There are also more advanced yogic breathing techniques called pranayama that you can learn and do more with.