People Who Are Most Affected by Stress

Who Is Most Affected By Stress?

How many people are affected by stress? Virtually all people experience stressful events or situations that overwhelm our built-in natural coping mechanisms. And although some people are biologically prone to stress, many outside factors influence susceptibility as well.
People Who Are Most Affected by Stress -

People Who Are Most Prone to Stress

Studies indicate that some people are more vulnerable to the effects of stress than others. The list includes older adults; women in general, especially working mothers and pregnant women; less-educated people; divorced or widowed people; people experiencing financial strains such as long-term unemployment; people who are the targets of discrimination; uninsured and under-insured people; and people who simply live in cities all seem to be particularly susceptible to health-related stress problems.

Stress-Related Mental Disorders

People who are less emotionally stable or have high anxiety levels tend to experience certain events as more stressful than healthy people do. And the lack of an established network of family and friends predisposes us to stress-related health problems such as heart disease and infections.

Caregivers, children, and medical professionals are also frequently found to be at higher risk for stress-related disorders.

Job-Related Stress and Deaths

Job-related stress is particularly likely to be chronic because it is such a large part of life. Stress reduces a worker’s effectiveness by impairing concentration, causing sleeplessness and increasing the risk of illness, back problems, accidents, and lost time.

At its worst extremes, stress that places a burden on our hearts and circulation can often be fatal. The Japanese have a word for sudden death due to overwork: “karoushi.”