Top 5 Temptations That Are Weight Loss Deal-Breakers

How to Resist Food Temptation 

Achieving your weight loss goal feels so good! There’s nothing like seeing and feeling the unquestionable results of your hard work. Now, if only you could maintain that accomplishment and avoid the temptations!

Sometimes the challenges you face with maintaining achieved weight loss goals boil down to simple changes in your diet and avoiding the top weight loss deal-breakers. Certain foods are a no-no when it comes to staying at your healthy weight, so it’s smart to avoid them at all costs. Which foods fall into the category of pesky weight gainers?

Top 5 Temptations That Are Weight Loss Deal-Breakers - ‎

How to Fight Food Temptation 

These top 5 foods are among the most notorious weight loss deal-breakers. Avoid them if you want to keep your weight off:

Top 5 Temptations That Are Weight Loss Deal-Breakers - ‎1. Soda.

Most sodas have so many calories it’s alarming! It’s a number on diet temptation. As you know, excessive sugar intake quickly contributes to weight gain and diet soda is just as bad as it also causes excess hunger.

  • A typical 20 ounce can of soda contains an average of 16 teaspoons of sugar, which is way more than you’d want to consume.
  • Choose less toxic options. Water is always the perfect alternative.

2. Snacks with hydrogenated oil.

Not only does hydrogenated oil result in a buildup of fat in the body, but it’s also known to increase the risks of heart disease. Most packaged snacks, whether sweet or salty, contain hydrogenated oil. From crackers to chocolate chip cookies, you’re bound to pump this bad oil into your body by eating them.

  • Choose healthier snack options like nuts, which consist of healthy fats, vegetables, some fruit, and if you tolerate dairy, maybe some Greek yogurt.

3. Foods you are intolerant to.

Most people have at least one food they are intolerant to which can wreak havoc in the body. Most of the time too, the person is completely unaware.

  • Bestselling author, nutritionist and trainer, JJ Virgin has an excellent book The Virgin Diet that explains in detail how food intolerances undoubtedly cause weight-gain even when you’re doing everything else “right.”

4. Refined grains.

Refined grains are found in most packaged foods and they cause drastic sugar spikes, which result in weight gain.

Since there are so many good alternatives to refined grains, you may be more than comfortable in getting rid of them altogether.

5. Processed food.

You can basically define processed food as anything “unnatural.” These foods are commercially altered to some degree to be tastier and have a longer shelf-life. They are usually filled with preservatives to extend the life of the product. They’re also usually full of sugar and carbohydrates – all elements which contribute directly to weight gain.

  • Eliminate packaged foods as much as possible to lessen your exposure to unwanted sugar.
  • Replace processed foods with whole foods.
  • If processed food somehow ends up in your home, read the label diligently and ensure the listed sugars and carbohydrates don’t exceed your daily allowance.

Within weeks of getting rid of these food temptations, you will see a marked difference in your weight loss maintenance. Give yourself the chance to really enjoy the fruits of your labor by staying fit and healthy.