The Health Benefits of Zinc

What Are the Health Benefits of Zinc

The cold accounts for 40 percent of sickness absence from work and millions of school days missed each year. Fortunately, according to the Cochrane Library, Zinc taken within a day of cold symptoms can reduce severity and shorten the length of illness. At 7 days after onset, a higher proportion of people who took Zinc reported no cold symptoms compared to those who took a placebo.

The Health Benefits of Zinc -

As if that’s not awesome enough, Zinc has other amazing properties that can aid our health and appearance!

Zinc Function

Here are the basic body functions of Zinc: Zinc plays a role in many of our basic body functions including, reproduction, diabetes control, stress level, immune resistance, smell and taste, physical growth, appetite, and digestion.

Here Are The Health Benefits of Zinc

Controlling Acne: Research shows that zinc is an effective way to control acne. Studies have shown that it is more powerful than placebo! It works by regulating the amount of testosterone in the body. Testosterone can be a big factor in causing acne.

Zinc also aids in “collagen synthesis” which normalizes the amount of skin oils.

Chronic Fatigue: People suffering from chronic fatigue are often recommended by their physicians to take fish oil. That is because fish oil is rich in Zinc which aids in energy levels.

The Immune System: Zinc is a superhero as it aids in healing chronic infection and assists the body in restoring its ability to heal properly. This includes not only colds and viruses, but the healing of wounds as well. Zinc deficiency causes delayed healing of wounds.

Our bodies also have several zinc-dependent enzymes, which promote collagen synthesis thereby aiding in wound healing.

Weight loss: Zinc helps in controlling appetite.

Reproduction: In men, Zinc assists in “spermatogenesis.” In women, Zinc is vital for all the reproductive phases, including parturition and lactation stages.

Prostate Health: Zinc deficiency causes enlargement of the prostate gland, making it vulnerable to prostate cancer.

Bone Health: Zinc is a part of “hydroxyapatite” which is a salt, and makes our bones strong and hard.

Vision: Studies show that taking a certain level of Zinc will improve vision.

Eczema: Research shows that this inflammatory skin disorder is mainly caused by a deficiency of Zinc in the body.

Sources of Zinc

Meats such as beef, lamb, oysters and crab. Other foods include: turnips, oats, peanuts, peas, almonds, whole wheat, pumpkin seeds, some other nuts.