The Seven Chakras

7 Chakras

The Seven Chakras of the body are points in our bodies where energy flows. Each chakra is located in a different area and has a different meaning and function. To be truly our best selves, we must help energy flow from each chakra; thus, chakra balancing and chakra healing are of great importance as they can help us make sure that each chakra is flowing and in harmony. So what are the seven chakras? Let’s take a look at each chakra in detail.

The Seven Chakras -

The Seven Chakras

(Seven Chakras Meaning And How to Open the Seven Chakras):

1. The Root Chakra

Called Muladhara, this chakra is found at our tailbone and deals basically with our sense of security as well as our survival. It creates a connection between us and the material world. The color of this chakra is red, so if it is under active it can be helped with red food, drink, crystals, clothes and oils, as well as with sleep and exercise.

2. The Sacral Chakra

This chakra basically deals with our feelings and also our sexuality. Its color is orange. It is called Svadisthana and is located on the lower abdomen. When this chakra is at its best, we experience a sense of well-being and we feel good among other people. To heal this chakra, orange gemstones and other orange objects are very helpful and so are massages.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra

This yellow chakra is located in our stomach area and affects our confidence. Its name is Manipura. When it is active, we feel confident and in control, while if it is overactive one is usually arrogant and has an overly high self-esteem.

4. The Heart Chakra

Dealing with love and kindness, this green chakra is located at the centre of our chest. It is called Anahata and when functioning properly we are able to feel loved and experience feelings of joy. If underactive, it can be boosted by spending quality time with our loved ones.

5. The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, or Visuddha, is all about the way we communicate with others. Good communication and the ability to express oneself are experienced by those who have an active throat chakra. Since its color is blue, this chakra can be helped with blue gemstones, food etc, and it also gains more energy when one has meaningful, interesting conversations with other people.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

This indigo chakra is called Anja and deals mostly with our intuition. It is located right between our eyes and when it is active it helps us focus while freeing our imagination and helping us become wiser.

7. The Crown Chakra

Sahasrara, or the crown chakra, is the chakra that helps us understand. Its color is violet and it is located on the top of the head. It deals with our spirituality and our sense of belonging. Focusing on dreams can help an underactive crown chakra improve and make energy flow better.

Each of the seven chakras should ideally be operative in every person. None should be over or under active. Chakra balancing is of extreme importance. Chakra meditation is one way of keeping all chakras balanced and allowing their energy to flow freely. This can be done by being aware of and focusing on the light of each chakra in order to make it glow and boost its energy. Balancing the seven chakras promotes harmony in our bodies.

Note: This is simply a brief overview of the seven chakras colors and their meanings.