The Meaning of Places in Your Dreams

Dream Interpretation: Dreams Locations

Do you often remember where your dreams take place? Just where were you in your dream last night? Your location in your dreams has meaning. Here are a few common locations you may find yourself in your dream and what it may mean!

The Meaning of Places in Your Dreams -

Meanings of Places In Dreams

(Recurring Places in Dreams – Dream Meanings)

The Meaning of Places in Your Dreams -

Being in a car, plane, boat, or train usually represents the direction you feel your life is taking.

Are you driving or are you a passenger? This can also reflect how much control you think you have over what is ahead of you.

Vehicles often represent a power within to make a change and can be a visualization of getting to your destination. If there are obstacles in your dream, this can represent obstacles you might be facing in making changes in your life.

Class or School

Dreaming that you are in class or at school is a most common for people who are actually in school at that time in their lives. But many people who have been out of school for many years or even decades will also report dreaming of being back in school. Often the dream will include taking a test you are not prepared to take.

If you are not in school at this time in your life but dream of being in school, it can represent life tests or lessons. The test or lesson can be something you are faced with right now in your life or it can represent something you need to learn from your past.


Being physically trapped someplace can reflect your need but inability to make an important choice in life. Think of the things you need to decide upon.


Roads represent the direction of your life or the path your life is taking. Take note especially of the road’s condition or appearance.


Dreams of being underwater imply weightlessness and escape from gravity. If you are dreaming of deep-sea diving, enjoying peaceful scenes of fishes and the liberating feeling of silence, then it may mean you ought to take a break from the pressures of real life and let yourself just float without care.

If you dream that you are drowning, it could mean you have let yourself be too involved in a particular matter, and it is slowly dragging you downwards with it. In which case, you need to take a lighter approach to things.


A dream where you are walking down the stairs indicates something good is in store for you. A dream where you are walking up the stairs might indicate that something difficult or disappointing is occurring in your life.

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If you are flying in your dream, do not make of how well you are flying; flying dreams represent how much control one feels they have in their life. Does it feel out of control or in control? Are you flying well or poorly?

It also represents a level of confidence and ability to achieve your goals.


A house often represents your mind and psyche. Different rooms and locations within the house can reflect different aspects of your consciousness. For example, the basement represents things you are neglecting. The bedroom represents your intimate feelings.

Perhaps you are in a familiar room within the house – this could have a specific meaning for you including various emotions, memories, and interpretations of meaningful times in your life.


Dreams of mountains represent obstacles. If you successfully climb a mountain, that is symbolic of achievement. Looking out from atop a mountain can represent a review of your life.


Dreaming that you are in a forest is usually a good sign and indicates prosperity! Is the forest green and flourishing?


Dreaming that you or someone you love is in the hospital might feel frightening, but this is usually a dream that suggests people are in good health, or if not in good health at the time, that health will improve.

It suggests not worrying so much.


A dream where you are hiding in a cave can indicate that there is some scandal or secret taking place in your life.


Dreaming you are in the circus is reflective of “being in a the spotlight.” Are people cheering for you? Are you being brave? Are you eating fire? Taming lions? Swinging high from above?

In real life, you may be shy, wary of people’s attention, afraid to walk on the tightrope, and make decisions without a safety net. It is possible too that you worry about your performance and how you look to others, always expecting to fall and fail the audience.

If, however, you are one of the spectators at the circus, then your dream might be telling you that you need to be more involved in life instead of just sitting back watching the action unfold. You’re not just after the thrill; you’re after something that lasts long after the lights have died and the audience members have dispersed.


Dreaming of standing in front of the fridge means you are looking for more than just something to your solve your immediate hunger, but something more chronic. You could be browsing the fridge for some inspiration or solution to your problem, or you could be looking for love among the many choices present there.

Also, the contents of the refrigerator has something to do with your life. Are you staring at instant foods, or frozen ones, or too many leftovers, or mostly gooey, soupy foods, or foods past their shelf-life?

Rock Concert

Dreams of being a rock star onstage applauded by thousands of shrieking fans obviously touch on the aspect of desire to be famous, wanted, approved of, and loved. It is not enough that just one person adores us, but lots. This does not necessarily mean you are insecure or that you are pompous. On the contrary, you just enjoy these kinds of dreams.

Even if you cannot be on stage touring with a band, you can still be on a platform of your own making in real life, doing great things for people, more than just singing a bunch of songs for them. We are all stars, after all, if we only take time to believe it more often.

Prom Night

We all have our awkward and shining moments during our prom night and it could be that we are just reliving them in our dreams. It could also be that we want to go back to that past to set things aright once and for all.

High school life is especially a volatile stage for us: we form friendships and love there, beliefs and opinions, habits, and addictions. It’s where we meet nerds, bullies, terror teachers, weirdos, queens and pricks, crushes, friends, and foes. Your dream may be telling you that you are mature now to face anything or any character from that menagerie called the prom night. Those things you were too afraid/shy/or doubtful to do back then, you can do today.

Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life by Cynthia Richmond


The dimly-lit bar is a place of anonymity. You can be anyone there, hiding your true unacceptable self and no one would be the wiser. You adopt a new identity which you think will fetch someone over to your side, someone you can talk with, exchange your life stories, and possibly more.

Dreaming of being in a bar means you are in search of someone, whether a life-long partner or someone fleeting. Dreams like this imply a thrill of the hunt, concerns about rejection, and loneliness.


Dreaming you are in church indicates self-development and growth, not just spiritually but psychologically or personally.


Rowing a boat suggests good luck or success in business. It can also mean that important news is coming.


Dreaming that you are crossing a bridge indicates that you have been worrying about something that’s really unimportant.

Dreams about places say a lot about your current state of thinking, so the next time you have dreams of places try your best to remember them.