Here’s What the Length of Your Fingers Reveals About Your Personality

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About You 

The way you look obviously contributes a lot to how others see or think of you. From the way you style your hair, wear certain shoes, etc., everything showcases who you are. But have you ever thought about how your hands impact traits about who you are? Indeed the length of your fingers can actually say a lot of things about your personality. So what does the length of your fingers say about you? Read on below.

Here’s What the Length of Your Fingers Reveals About Your Personality

This might sound like fortune-telling, but scholars have actually conducted scientific studies determining just how likely it is that a person may exhibit certain personality traits based on his/her finger lengths. (One example is a study that the Department of Experimental Psychology in Oxford University conducted.)

If you’re curious what the length of your fingers reveals about your personality, see the chart above and read on below.

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About Your Personality

(Length of Fingers and Personality)

Here’s What the Length of Your Fingers Reveals About Your Personality ~ – Long Index Finger

People who have long index fingers tend to be confident. They may be introverted. They are goal-oriented and self-assured. They may not be very open about their goals but they are always comfortable with working independently with great vigor and drive. They don’t like interruptions once they get started in their game, and also don’t like dealing with hassles and prefer meeting goals early on.

People with long index fingers are also even-mannered, often with people also looking to them for answers to their own problems. This is because long-index-finger people have a good rep for coming up with the solutions. Perhaps their only problem is they need to stop for a while and smell the roses.

This finger-type does better at careers involving teaching, writing books or encouraging people – such as a motivational speaker. They can even be great politicians.

2 – Long Ring Finger

People with long ring fingers tend to be smart and pleasant – even charming. Some may consider you irresistible. They are also quick on their feet when it comes to the right things to say. They may sometimes be considered aggressive. Nonetheless, their goal is to always find a solution to the problem at hand.

They are also likely to be compassionate individuals. They perform well in occupations that put their characteristics to good use, like being a soldier or scientist. They could also do great at managing a company or working as an engineer.

One study has suggested that men who have long ring fingers (compared to their index fingers) are at a lesser risk of developing prostate cancer.

3 – Ring and Index Fingers are The Same Length

People who have their ring fingers and index fingers more or less of the same length are likely the first persons to try settling disagreements. They try to avoid conflicts at all costs and will do anything in their powers to keep the peace.

They are loyal and sometimes even to a fault, most especially in their personal connections. Thus, people always try to fill them in on their deepest (darkest) secrets knowing they can trust them.

On their other side, especially if somebody tries to take advantage of them and their loyalty, they tend to have a quick temper. Being balanced individuals, for all their kindness and compassion, they can also have an equal degree of anger.

In terms of career, they like to keep their work well-organized for their utmost peace and calm. They do great in positions where they can get to show their soft side or fulfill their desire of helping people—like being a social worker, therapist, or a medical professional.

What Do Your Fingers Say About You?

A lot can be said about the way your hands are shaped more than you can imagine. Studies even suggest that your fingers’ length is also linked to your body’s testosterone levels when you were while still in your mother’s womb! Research about this is on-going.

Now that you’re aware of the personality traits that are commonly associated with the length of your fingers, what do you think your fingers reveal about you?