Diet Strategies to Transform Your Body in Just Six Weeks

Strategies to Improve Diet and Lose Weight

While looking fit and trim may be a challenge, it’s definitely not impossible. In fact, you can make significant changes in a short period of time with just a few adjustments to your diet. But where do you start? What kind of changes do you need to make in order to achieve your desired result? Answer: It’s about the foods you eat.

Diet Strategies to Transform Your Body in Just Six Weeks -

Stick with these dietary guidelines indefinitely to lose weight and also optimize your health:

Diet Strategies to Lose Weight in Six Weeks

*Losing Weight through Diet – Tips

1.Diet Strategies to Transform Your Body in Just Six Weeks - Avoid belly bloaters.

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to skim some of that belly fat is to avoid belly bloaters. That’s right, within a matter of days off of bloating foods, you can reduce the size of your tummy! The tricky part about this is that everyone is different.  Follow these general guidelines to figure out what bloats you.

  • For some people, carbonated beverages cause bloating because of the air component. Give them a break while on your body toning mission and see if that helps.
  • Some foods called FODMAPS which include apples, milk, asparagus, broccoli, onions, garlic and many more have excellent nutritional value, but because of their unique sugar properties they contribute to bloating. For more information on FODMAPS, see Chris Kresser’s article.
  • Eliminate foods you are intolerant to. Dairy products and gluten products especially can cause terrible bloating. Try eliminating these foods for a period of time and see if your bloating goes down. Most people find that they are intolerant to one or more of the following: dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, sugar, and/or nuts. For a great detailed explanation of food intolerance and how to embark on an elimination diet, see JJ Virgin’s book, The Virgin Diet.

2. Skip the sugar.The Virgin Diet

Eliminating sugar in your diet is probably the single best thing you could ever do for your body. Sugar is notorious for causing weight gain due to its ability to rapidly convert into fat when stored.

  • Sugary foods are addictive.
  • Sugar has no nutritional value.
  • Excess sugar converts into fat in your body.
  • See JJ Virgin’s Book, The Sugar Impact Diet for a great explanation on how sugar negatively impacts your weight and your health.

3. Try the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo CureToday’s modern way of eating is contributing to obesity and diseases in an unprecedented way. Converting back to an older and healthier way of eating and living is proving to help people lose weight, feel more energized, and, best of all, reverse disease.

  • One of the best resources and authorities on the Paleo Diet is Chris Kresser. See his book, The Paleo Cure for details on how the Paleo diet works and the amazing benefits you can expect to experience when on it.
  • Many people misunderstand what the Paleo diet is all about. Be sure to look into it further, as it’s changing lives and a global revolution towards health!

4. Increase fiber intake.

Fibrous foods are excellent at helping you to shed unwanted bulge. Because fiber is lower-calorie yet dense, you tend to feel fuller longer. Additionally, fiber does a good job of expelling toxins from your system. This takes place while the indigestible fibers move through your body.


  • Most vegetables and fruits with skin are good sources of fiber.

Slim down the right way by eating healthier foods and eliminating fat producing foods. Once you’re able to make these diet strategies, you’ll be on your way to a fitter and healthier body.